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“To the valued and cherished customers and family of Printmasters and Drew

With saddest hearts and deepest sympathies, we announce the loss of Drew
Lord. He passed suddenly, early in the week of July 3rd.

In his stead, the family is finishing any work that had been started and
will be sending them out or contacting you when they can be picked up. If
you have work that was not yet started, we will not be able to follow
through. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Drew Lord Drew always said that the digital art work that he did for customers
belonged to them. If you have any digital artwork that you would like back,
please email printmastersart@gmail.com. It may take some time to distribute
to you, but we will get to you. Thank you for your patience.

Drew’s clients were more than simply “Customers.” They were friends. They
were Family. I’ve spent the last week in Printmasters cleaning, working, and
taking care of business as best that I can. Trying to fill Drew’s shoes
isn’t easy. There will never be another Drew. Hearing time and time again
the love and concern that you all have for him has been overwhelming, and
yet healing for me. Many times I’ve been told that you all would stop by to
drop something off and before you knew it an hour had passed through
conversation. I’ve heard stories of his grin, his laugh, and just how easy
he was to talk to. Thank you all for sharing and having patience with me. –

So on behalf of Drew, in case you never knew, he loved you. Thank you all
for your years of loyal business and friendship.


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